User Profiles

Great way to personalize the guest experience by keeping pertinent information about your guest.  Once you enter it once, no need to do it again for repeat visits.

Does one of your guests like to have the NY Times in their room? Do they have allergies? Keep the information readily available with ease.

Have all of your staff stay on top of tasks

Shared Task Calendar

Make it easy for your team to track what you are doing for the guest and to answer questions with ease. Our shared task calendar syncs in the cloud in real time and has a visual color code to make sorting through tasks easier.

Easily Switch Departments with one click


Multiple Departments

GoConcierge is a great way to track anything you are doing manually.  Some of the more popular examples are: Packages (Fedex, Ups, etc.), Lost and Found and Amenities.

With 1 simple click you can chose which department view you want to see.

Search for Vendors and service across the world


Google API Integration

GoConcierge has an official license with Google Maps API to seamlessly integrate searching for vendors all over the world.

Whether you’re looking for a local restaurant, need help your guest reserve a rental car in Paris, or even book a massage in Hong Kong – it’s all just easily accessible right from GoConcierge.

Communicate with your guests with ease


Make sure you communicate with your guest with their desired form of communication.  Send and receive SMS text messages to stay in touch with your guests.


Another great benefit of texting is that it allows direction links to open directly in Google Maps on a cell phone, allowing your guest to get to their destination easier.

Elegant Correpsondence in print and digital


Custom Confirmations

There is no better way to personalize the guest experience than to provide a professional and personalized letter or itinerary of activities.

These customized confirmations can be printed, emailed as a pdf attachment, or even embedded in an email to allow for easy viewing across mobile devices.

Store your guest’s financial information securely


PCI Compliant hosting

GoConcierge uses PCI Compliant hosting in order to store your guest’s credit card information for up to 30 days.

This allows you to have their financial information on file safely and securely for when you need to assist them in securing reservations.


Add efficiencies for our clients by reducing the number of clicks with integration.  Proud to interface with these valuable partners.


The GoConcierge worldwide headquarter is in Los Angeles, California with an office in Europe and clients in more than 60 countires around the world.  We are grateful for our amazing clients and team members and hope you will take a look at what GoConcierge can do for you.

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