About GoConcierge

Passionate, committed and innovative, with an obsession for providing unparralleled support — that’s the GoConcierge team!  With over 100 years combined in hospitality, the GoConcierge team understands operations and how to add value.  In 2000, we created the GoConcierge software application, realizing our vision to modernize the Concierge desk by leveraging technology thereby making the entire team more efficient.  We recognized the immediate impact the Concierge software had in our hotel operation and the potential impact it could make in hotels across the world.

After tuning the GoConcierge application and marketing to other hotels, the feedback received was fantastic.  We had successfully helped Concierge departments around the world become more efficient, and we were inspired to develop the Concierge application further to add value in other departments throughout the operation.

And that’s just what we did!

Today, the GoConcierge application is used throughout the operation in many of the finest hotels around the world, as well as other businesses such as private concierge services, luxury apartments, wineries hospitals, shopping and retail, and more.  Experience GoConcierge and see the different it can make!


GoConcierge proudly support Les Clefs d’Or and is an honorary member of Les Clefs d’Or USA


The GoConcierge worldwide headquarter is in Los Angeles, California with an office in Europe and clients in more than 60 countries around the world.  We are grateful for our amazing clients and team members and hope you will take a look at what GoConcierge can do for you.

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